Ducele & Ducesa de Cambridge in Canada

Printul William si Catherine, Ducesa de Cambridge, viziteaza Memorialul Razboiului unde au depus o coroana de flori la mormantului Soldatului necunoscut. Ottawa este punctul de pornire al vizitei de 12 zile din America de Nord. Cuplul regal va participa la sarbatoarea nationala a Canadei pe 1 iulie.

Premierul candian Steven Harper (dreapta), Prinul William, Ducede Cambridge si Catherine, Ducesa de Cambridge impreuna cu sotia premierului, Laureen, au luat parte la o ceremonie de la Memorialul razboiului, 30 iunie 2011, Ottawa, Canada.

Rochii de Mireasa & Buchete: Grace Kelly & Catherine Middleton

Grace Kelly 18 aprilie 1956/ Catherine Middleton 29 aprilie 2011

Rochia de mireasa a Ducesei de Cambridge este inspirata de moda anilor 1950, si mai mult de cea a lui Grace Kelly. Rochia de mireasa a lui Grace Kelly a fost creata de Helen Rose.

Mai jos una din copertele revistei The Bride’s magazine din anii ’50 arata trendul rochiei de mireasa dar si al florilor, lacramioarele fiind la moda pentru buchetul miresei. Buchetul Catherinei, acum Ducesa de Cambridge, este un buchet din flori de primavara, care are in primul rand lacramioare dar si zambile albe, garofite de gradina (sweet William), iedera si faimosul mirt care conform traditiei inaugurate de Regina Victoria trebuie inclus in orice buchet regal. DM Citește în continuare „Rochii de Mireasa & Buchete: Grace Kelly & Catherine Middleton”

Noul cuplu regal pleaca de la Buckingham spre Clarence House

Plecarea cu masina Aston Martin a ducelui si ducesei de Cambridge, avand numarul ‘JU5T WED’ este inedita, nu a mai fost facuta pana acum la o nunta a casei regale britanice, si in niciun caz in niciuna din monarhiile occidentale care s-au reimprospatat prin casatoriile cu persoane simple, nearistocrate. Cea mai traditionala dintre monarhii, cea britanica aduce astfel un suflu nou de imagine asupra monarhiilor occidentale, trend inceput cu 2001. DM

Consimtamantul oficial al Reginei Elisabeta II pentru casatoria Printului William

Conform Legii Casatoriei Regale promulgata in 1772 toti descendentii regelui George II trebuie sa obtina acordul suveranului inainte de casatorie, in caz contrar casatoria nu e valida. Regina Elisabeta II a Marii Britanii a acordat consimtamantul oficial cu privire la casatoria Printului William cu Catherine Middleton pe 9 februarie 2011. Astazi a fost facut public acest act a carui fotografie o prezentam mai jos.

Semnatura Reginei  ‘Elizabeth R’ poate fi vazuta sus in coltul din dreapta al actului oficial. Documentul poarta Marele Sigiliu Regal din ceara rosie, legat cu un snur cu fir de aur de acesta. DM

Sursa: Daily Mail

Diana Mandache: Jurnal de Istoric


Legea Casatoriei Regale (1772)/ The Royal Marriage Act of 1772


WHEREAS your Majesty, from your paternal affection to your own family, and from your royal concern for the future welfare of your people, and the honour and dignity of your crown, was graciously pleased to recommend to your parliament to take into serious consideration, whether it might not be wise and expedient to supply the defect of the laws now in being; and, by some new provision, more effectually to guard the descendants of His late majesty King George the Second, (other than the issue of princesses who have married, or may hereafter marry, into foreign families) from marrying without the approbation of your Majesty, your heirs, or successors, first had and obtained; we have taken this weighty matter into our serious consideration; and, being sensible that marriages in the royal family are of the highest importance to the state, and that therefore the Kings of this realm have ever been entrusted with the care and approbation thereof; and, being thoroughly convinced of the wisdom and expediency of what your Majesty has thought fit to recommend, upon this occasion, we, your Majesty’s most dutiful and loyal subjects the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, do humbly beseech your Majesty that it may be enacted: and be it enacted by the King’s most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same,

I. That no descendant of the body of his late majesty King George the Second, male or female, (other than the issue of princesses who have married, or may hereafter marry, into foreign families) shall be capable of contracting matrimony without the previous consent of his Majesty, his heirs, or successors, signified under the great seal, and declared in council, (which consent, to preserve the memory thereof is hereby directed to be set out in the licence and register of marriage, and to be entered in the books of the privy council); and that every marriage, or matrimonial contract, of any such descendant, without such consent first had and obtained, shall be null and void, to all intents and purposes whatsoever.

II. Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That in case any such descendant of the body of his late majesty King George the Second, being above the age of twenty-five years, shall persist in his or her resolution to contract a marriage disapproved of or dissented from, by the King, his heirs, or successors; that then such descendant, upon giving notice to the King’s privy council, which notice is hereby directed to be entered in the books thereof, may, at any time from the expiration of twelve calendar months after such notice given to the privy council as aforesaid, contract such marriage; and his or her marriage with the person before proposed, and rejected, may be duly solemnized, without the previous consent of his Majesty, his heirs, or successors; and such marriage shall be good, as if this act had never been made, unless both houses of parliament shall, before the expiration of the said twelve months, expressly declare their disapprobation of such intended marriage.

III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That every person who shall knowingly or wilfully presume to solemnize, or to assist, or to be present at the celebration of any marriage with any such descendant, or at his or her making any matrimonial contract, without such consent as aforesaid first had and obtained, except in the case above-mentioned, shall, being duly convicted thereof incur and suffer the pains and penalties ordained and provided by the statute of provision and premunire made in the sixteenth year of the reign of Richard the Second.